ATS has extensive experience in the printing and installation
of PVC Banners


With large format digital printing, you can create high quality banners which are an excellent way of promoting a special event or offer. The use of billboards & banners is also an effective way of advertising your business. They provide a way of quickly promoting your brand to a mass audience.

Whatever the need, banners are an easy display solution with the various finishing options available, eyelets and rope, hanging systems, etc. Use PVC banners in all types of weather, or indoor advertising. We recommend PVC as the material of choice as it it’s durable and offers a professional finish.

Banner printing is at the top of the visual marketing ladder when it comes to brand exposure. A well-considered advertising banner is perfect for outdoor occasions and other events where you want your brand to be seen. Our high-quality printing on our EFI Printer guarantees that colours will last longer over time and your banner can be used over and over.

Banners can be glazed which gives you a flawless, long-lasting effect. Glazing ensures that your printed design can resist any weather element. PVC Banners are printed on 510g Black – back material, we can print up to 3.2m in width. Should you require wider than 3.2m then we will print panels and join the panels with HF welding machines.
They’re everywhere — gracing your local roundabout, at protest marches, attached to scaffolding, outside cafés, and at all sorts of sporting events — and with good reason. They’re a low-cost, durable form of advertising, and easily portable, too.

Because they’re so cost effective, it won’t break the bank to get a huge banner for a one-off event, and because you can roll them up, they store easily if you want to reuse them.

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